Creating With Community

Creating with Community was a project through Erie Arts and Culture during the summer of 2021 that was designed to improve a section of the 19th st corridor that runs across the City of Erie. The goal was for 19th Street to become a main route for biking and walking, focusing on projects that beautify the route and bring awareness to the benefits of alternate forms of transportation, as well as aiding in wayfinding.  They then employed 6 groups of artists to recognize areas of need and to design projects that fill those needs. Our Artist team was Steve Mik, Fredy Hunan, and Eric Brozel, we focused on building a sculpture that would mark the entry way for the Eastside portion of the route. Our sculpture was a 16’ diameter sphere built from recycled bicycle tires and road signs. The sculpture was built in two parts and assembled on site and was then followed by the additional installation of a bike repair station that is installed on the corner of 19th and parade and allows people using the bike route the ability to repair and maintain their bike as a proponent of safety.