Once Upon a Time

At the very start of this project, I decided on dog imagery. I live in the West Bayfront, as do many dog walkers. It’s hard to ignore the happiness that dogs bring to mankind just by being who they are. They are naturally, loyal, loving, protective and caring. Dogs bring strangers together and spark a connection that wouldn’t usually happen. I see it and experience it all the time.

As the design of the mural progressed it took on a life of its own. The imagery became dreamlike, set in a park (Frontier Park), being among lush fields and rolling hills, and trees reaching out with a gentle touch. There are twists and turns on paths opening endless possibilities, all leading to a familiar place that is both comforting and magical.

The team really came together, bringing out our individuality, excitement for what we learned, and a sense of pride in celebrating the joy of our connection to nature.

So, dream on and paint your story.