Our Process


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The most vital part of what we do is engaging stakeholders in a creative process facilitated by the Looking Glass team in our community workshops.   With the emergence of Covid, our workshop model has been modified to meet the many logistic challenges of community engagement by including both in person and remote workshops.  Our activities include brainstorming, art education, design concepts and storytelling along with a variety of visual exercises leading to a Big Idea and ultimately a final design.   


Design Phase.jpg

In this phase, we take the artwork from our residents, photos of our site location, and the notes we have gathered from our workshops and create a piece of artwork that truly reflects the vision of our participants. We collaborate with our designer, Dean Ferraro,  to tie all of these elements together to create one cohesive piece.

Creation and Installation

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Bringing a concept to reality varies depending on the requirements of a specific project.  The Looking Glass team encourages community stakeholders to participate in all phases of the project including the creation and the installation.  We recognize that many projects require outside expertise and the Looking Glass team has extensive experience working with engineers, community planners, electricians, metal and granite fabricators and property developers.  Every project necessitates a different approach, but in the end the finished product is always as exciting and unique as the community involved.