Our Process


prep 2.jpg

The most vital part of what we do is the collaboration with the communities in which our art will become a part of. Typically, we will run weekly workshops for 6-8 weeks doing everything from brainstorming, art education, concept art and location scouting. This is ultimately the population’s piece; we are simply their paint brushes.


Design Phase.jpg

In this phase, we take the artwork from our residents, photos of our site location, and the notes we have gathered from our workshops and create a piece of artwork that truly reflects the vision of our participants. We collaborate with our in-house designer to tie all of these elements together to create one cohesive piece that tells a story about the neighborhood.

Creation and Installation

Nepals 2.jpgInstallation of our pieces can last anywhere between a few days to several months, depending on the scope of the piece and how many participants we have to construct it. Some of our recruited volunteers participate in order to earn a community service credit while others just wish to lend a hand. Sometimes, the populations we workshop with will also take part in the construction of the piece.

Every project necessitates a different approach, but in the end the finished product is always as exciting and unique as the community involved.