Union City 150 Year Commemoration Mural

This mural commemorates the 150th Anniversary of Union City, Pa., founded in 1871, by paying tribute to the community’s rich cultural heritage of manufacturing, milling, agricultural and recreational traditions as well as its most celebrated natural resource, French Creek.  The story of Union City’s history is further captured by the inclusion of a collage of images of the citizens of Union City who collectively represent a timeline, stretching from for the late 19th Century to the present.  They are not dignitaries or celebrities, but rather they represent ordinary people that make up the true treasure of the community.  

By engaging the community early in the design process, the artists Tom Ferraro and Steve Mik of the Looking Glass Art Project, gathered input through surveys, stories and interviews that reinforce the notion that Union City has played a key role in the development of Erie County, Pennsylvania.  Other vital information was gathered from resources found in the Union City Museum and Historical Society, the Erie County Public Library , Historical websites and visits to the community.